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Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding

Nothing can come in-between two people who are in love and are ready to say their vows, however, the final cost of their wedding can come in as a little bit of a shock. In the United States the average cost of a wedding is about $30,000. It already seems like a big number, but it can calculate more. While planning your wedding by yourself, you can cut out some unnecessary things and it still would make the wedding day perfect. Here is a list of recommendations that would save you money.

Avoid weekends

If you get a chance and it is possible, try to avoid weekends to organize your wedding. The reception during Saturday could drain your savings but if you decide to save up your money and not spend 20% more, push the date to a Monday or even Thursday. 

Invite fewer people than planned

Having many people at your wedding could raise the costs indefinitely. For example, the average price per guest is almost $70, thus crossing ten people off your list could save you seven hundred dollars. You and your loved one could put the saved money into your honeymoon planning and what is better than spending weeks on the beach with your bride/husband.

Research about the hourly rates

When organizing an off-season (November-March) wedding, a good plan would be to check how much the professional photographers, florists or videographers charge for an hour for their services. Try inquiring about their availability and maybe you can make a cheaper deal with them, it is all about communication and making plans! Another tip would be to hire a photographer/videographer just for the main reception and generate time for pictures only.

Cut out the traditional sit-down dinners

With a price as much as $70 per person, you can try and make the meals as a buffet option. Avoid the four-course meals and where the caterers are bringing food on the table non-stop. Decide on what meals everyone would prefer and make a station where everyone can feel comfortable building their dinner. Being creative can save you money up to 10%-20%. 

Agreeing on the same place for the reception and ceremony

Some country clubs or dining venues in town or just outside it, offer hosting services for weddings. To make it less stressful, you can choose to have the ceremony and reception in the same setting. In that way, you could save money on fuel or transportation for the guests and it would be easier for everyone to stay in the same building/terrace not having to travel between two. In addition, most likely you could negotiate a better price with the owner of the venue when having two occasions. With this first step you already start to fit in your budget and even save extra hundreds.

Agreeing on the same place for the reception and ceremony
Agreeing on the same place for the reception and ceremony

Having a wedding is not always about the costs and wealth you put into it, yet it always was to connect two newlyweds and celebrate their decision to start a family. With the well-planned decisions when organizing your wedding, you can save enough money and use it for your dream house, honeymoon, children’s education or whatever you desire.