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Top 6 Harp Players in Texas

Harp Players

Here are some of the top harpists in Texas:

Stephanie Gustafson

Stephanie Gustafson is a professional musician that has good knowledge of classical music, jazz, pop and folk music. The multi-talented music lover puts her talent to use for her clients; she helps you select the repertoire to match your event. She also helps arrange the pieces to be played on harp for all events. Having been in the business since 2000, she has played in countless weddings, holiday events, church services, teas, special occasions and top-notch musical gatherings.

Elizabeth Webb

For over 20 years, Elizabeth has continued to impress her fans with the classical display of her music. She has that raw talent that will tear you up when you hear her play the old favorite, and can move you off your fit when you hear her jam onto the latest pop hits. Elizabeth has so mastered the art of playing the harp that she is now being likened to the biblical King David the psalmist. The way she handles the graceful, towering pillar of the harp alone will assure you she is good at what she does.

Susan Schnorr

Susan is a member of the American Harp Society, The National Musical Society and has even earned an “Excellent” Award in a National Music Society Harp Festival Lone Star. This Harp veteran plays both the classical and contemporary music. Susan plays in weddings, anniversaries, award occasions, churches, carol nights and any traditional musical gatherings. Susan is calm and calculated; she is skilled in both the organization of the pieces and the final execution

Abigail Sliva

This beautiful woman looks just like a goddess of music whenever she handles the harp. She captivates her audience with her looks, carriage and elegant style of play. Abigail has full control of the instrument and plays it out seamlessly like she was born for the Harp. Apart from her eclectic performances, she also works with her clients to organize her performance and create custom designed catalogs that will suit the occasion. She is very talented and has a vast repertoire and experience as a soloist and orchestral harpist.

Sandra Salstrom

Sandra is a fast-rising harpist that creates a soothing and exciting ambiance whenever she plays the harp. With her light classical repertoire and useful knowledge about movie themes, Renaissance, and ethnic tunes, and the Beatles style of rock, she keeps her audience on their feet once she starts to play. Sandra  always lives her clients satisfied and makes sure their guests are happy to witness the performances. She also offers harp dou with the flute, violin or acoustic guitar.

Carol Tatum (Dallas/Ft. Worth/Austin)

Carol was formerly a recording artist for the Windham Hill Records, the veteran harpist have layed for the likes of Bob Hope, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, Henry Kissinger, The Screen Actors Guild Awards and Tv  shows like the “Extreme Makeovers”. Carol is well versed in both classical and contemporary style of musical and has a large repestoire that will cover for all musical events.