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Songs That Sound Amazing on The Harp

Songs That Sound Amazing on The Harp

From carols to pop music, most of your best songs can be played on the harp. Popular songs from Leona Lewis, Leona Lewis, the Beatles, and other musicians have recently been composed for the harp, and they sound awesome too. From romantic wedding songs to soul-enchanting classical music, here are some of the best songs to be played on the harp.

From This Moment On

This beautiful song is one of the best harps songs for weddings. “From This Moment On” was written by Shania Twain and has been performed on all her tours since it was released 1998. The song is a classic country pop music that charted well in many countries around the globe and made top 10 Canada, United States, Australia, and United Kingdom. The trio by harp, violin, and cello is just so charming.

The Little Drummer Boy

Formerly known as “Carol of the Drum”, “The Little Drummer Boy” is a popular American Christmas song written by Katherine Kennicott Davis. Although the Trapp Family Singers initially recorded it 1951, the rendition prominent today was heavily influenced by Harry Simeone and Henry Onorati. The lyrics relate the story of a young poor boy, who unable to provide a material gift for the baby Jesus, gave him the precious gift of music. Played on the harp, open hand octaves mimic the drumbeat played by the little boy to the child in the manger. It is ideal for chiming in and performing for the family.

The Wexford Carol

This is an interesting conventional Irish hymn centered on the naivety of Jesus. The transcription of the song from locals by William Grattan Flood (1859–1928) and his publishing of the carol advanced it. It was Julie Andrews’ and Loreena McKennitt’s recordings of the song that sparked renewed interest in it as of late. This upbeat carol suits the atmosphere of the holiday season.

Claire de Lune

Another incredible song played on the harp, Claude Debussy’s rendition of the renowned Claire de Lune is an ideal addition to your classical collection for recitals, weddings, and gigs. A simple arrangement is very suitable for therapy harp. A perfect delight to be played on harp alone or incorporated in a moon-themed set.

In the Bleak Midwinter

Written in 1906, “In the Bleak Midwinter” is a beautiful English carol, with lyrics by Christina Rossetti and music by Gustav Holst. A favorite among artists and audiences in both America and the United Kingdom, it is one of the best songs played on the harp. A simple arrangement of this lovely song is ideal for Christmas and candlelight occasions.

Jezebel Carol

The Jezebel Carol, otherwise called Carval Ny Drogh Vranne, is a traditional song from the Isle of Man. A delightful minor carol, simply set with ringing, rolled chords and parallel harmonies, it is perfect for Christmas season, candlelight ceremonies and feasts. This song evokes strong emotions and the will to face life even when we don’t exactly comprehend what’s in store.

All of these song splay and sound beautiful on the harp. The harp is unappreciated let’s talk about it more!