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How to Select the Best Music Band for Your Wedding

If you want to hire a group of musicians or music artists instead of a DJ for your upcoming wedding, it’s ideal for you to get the best so as not to ruin your event. But before you decide, preparation is essential. We have carefully prepared the following tips to[…]

All About the Harp

The Harp is a very old musical instrument that has been used in pre-Christian cultures and has been seen in paintings in Egyptian tombs dated from 3000 BC. During the time of the middle ages, the strings were made from animal gut, silk and horse hairs. Later brass and copper[…]

Learning to Play the Harp: Things You Need To Know

Are you looking to learn how to play the harp?  Come on board as we take you through how and where you can learn to play this powerful musical instrument. The harp is one instrument that has been around for a very long time. This music instrument dates way back[…]

Top 6 Harp Players in Texas

Here are some of the top harpists in Texas: Stephanie Gustafson Stephanie Gustafson is a professional musician that has good knowledge of classical music, jazz, pop and folk music. The multi-talented music lover puts her talent to use for her clients; she helps you select the repertoire to match your[…]