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Fun Things To Do in Texas for Your Bachelor Party


So, you’re the best man in your best friend’s wedding and it’s time for you to plan the bachelor party of the century, but where do you start? In addition to helping make sure your buddy’s wedding day runs smooth, there’s lots to be done. Now that you guys have bills and responsibilities, gone are the days of you being able to go out each and every night spending outlandishly. However, the day is approaching and you still want to celebrate in a huge way! They say everything’s bigger in Texas, so what better place to throw a bachelor shindig than Texas? Even though you’re trying to watch your spending, you can still throw an amazing bachelor party, have tons of fun, and make memories without completely blowing your savings. Here are several fun things to do in Texas for a bachelor party whether you’re balling or on a budget!

Go clubbing

Texas has a ton of amazing nightclubs that are jumping! It’ll Do Club is a very popular Texas nightclub that features some of the best EDM music. They have huge EDM DJ’s that frequent there pretty often. Splurge on a table complete with bottle service and relax while listening to some of the best music out. The light up dance floor really makes you feel as if you’re in an underground techno club. What’s better than drinks, music, and your friends? It’s sure to be a night you won’t forget! Of course, if you’re still worried about your budget, you can always opt for the alternative. You and the guys could always visit one of the liquor stores on any corner, take your booze back to your hotel room, turn up the music, and just get it in all night long!

Hit up the casinos

Because of Texas’ laws, there aren’t very many casinos. However, there are a few legal casinos in Texas on native land. If you and your buds are feeling lucky, try your luck at one of the few casinos that there are in Texas. Who knows, you all could hit the jackpot and win a gift card or a new coffee pot that’d make for a great wedding gift. However, if you’re not wanting to spend your money playing just to win frivolous items, you and the guys could always head back to your room for some games playing amongst yourselves at Sky casino or other website. Try to beat the house in online slots games on your mobile phones. Hey, you all could win big and that’d be a real wedding gift!

Get out on the water

Grab the bros and go book an action-packed ride on a few jet skis or a couple of pontoons. An ideal place for getting out on the water is Lake Travis, the most visited recreational destination in the whole state of Texas. Spend the day exploring the waters and when you’re done, hit up the freshwater beach to relax with a couple of beers in hand. If you’re worried about cost here, you guys could always grab a couple of floats from your hotel’s gift shop and get out on the water in your hotel’s pool. Spend the day floating in the water, then relax poolside with some refreshments.

Helicopter tour

You and your buddies could enjoy a scenic helicopter tour over one of the major cities in Texas. Austin’s helicopter tours have six different tour options to choose from. Seeing the beautiful area and skyline from the air is an unforgettable experience. Take a chopper and enjoy breathtaking views as you cruise over Lake Travis or Mount Bonnell. Of course, if a cruise in the air over these beautiful views would be too much for your stomach and your pockets, you and your homies could always just take a bus ride and tour the city. There will be something on every corner for you to see. You’re bound to have stories to talk about for years to come!

Mount Bonnell
Mount Bonnell

Visit Extreme Sandbox

Any guy would love to visit the Texas sandbox for adults at Extreme Sandbox, where they offer regular people a chance to operate bulldozers, tractors, and excavators. Whether you are just a kid or an elder, you’ll get an adrenaline rush driving one of the huge machines. At the adult sandbox, you’re able to drive the machines, move dirt around, and pick up tires. This place offers single or group activities so everyone gets a chance to have some fun! Going on an adult sandbox adventure makes for great memories and great fun. However, if the prices aren’t looking right for you, you could always go purchase a nice, big sandbox at the nearest toy store and fill it up with sand, get you a few toy cars and trucks, and go to town with it! Hey, you’d still get the experience!