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Harps Can Get Expensive

Harps Can Get Expensive

We all know the harp as a fairytale-like instrument, or we read about it in the Greek myths. The musicians themselves are more willing to experiment. They also try electric harps and use them in jazz. You cannot find a company for harps around the corner. There are only seven[…]

PJ Harvey’s Discovery Of The Autoharp

PJ Harvey's Discovery Of The Autoharp

The eighth studio album of PJ Harvey was called “Let England Shake”, and the British singer Polly Jean Harvey reached another high point of her career with it. After the collection “Is This Desire”, she won another prestigious Mercury Prize for this work. The record that was released at the[…]

Four Famous Pop Songs Featuring Harpists

Four Famous Pop Songs Featuring Harpists

As an intricate and often somewhat unearthly sounding instrument, harps are fairly rare in the world of pop music. However, they do appear sometimes – and when they do skilled musicians and songwriters can use them to great and popular effect. From contemporary folk artists to bombastic folk-pop arena fillers,[…]

Three of the Most Lavish Weddings of All Time

Lavish Weddings

Weddings are a notoriously expensive affair for many people. Both sides of the family and, increasingly in the modern day, both the bride and groom themselves are expected to contribute financially. So, if this is true for most people, the richest and most famous people in the world take this[…]

Why are the Best Harpists Female?

Why are the Best Harpists Female

The harp is one of the most beautifully sounding instruments that has ever been made. It is not like any other instrument whatsoever, unlike brass or woodwind that can be gathered together under one banner, the harp tends to be in its own category. It is officially classed as a[…]

The Popular History of the Harp

The Popular History of the Harp

The history of the harp dates back to that of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and along the way it has become a symbol of the gods and features on the emblems of many countries. Hardly any other instrument is as famous as the harp, and we look into why this[…]

How to plan a bachelorette party?

How to plan a bachelorette party

Before getting married and saying your vows to your beloved one, there is a non-written tradition to celebrate it for the last time being independent. For women, their girlfriends are the planners of this event.

Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding

Nothing can come in-between two people who are in love and are ready to say their vows, however, the final cost of their wedding can come in as a little bit of a shock. In the United States the average cost of a wedding is about $30,000. It already seems[…]

How to Find the Ideal DJ For Your Wedding

How to Find the Ideal DJ For Your Wedding

Music is an integral part of a wedding celebration, especially the wedding reception. This is when friends and family come together to dance and celebrate the love of the newlyweds. It takes an excellent DJ to dish out the right music to suit the day, thrill your guests and keep[…]

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Runs Smoothly

Wedding Day

It is your wedding day. The day you have dreamt of all your life. The day you get to marry the person of your dreams and start your life long adventure together. It’s the day you get to wear your perfect wedding gown or suit. Plan the most amazing party[…]