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Why are the Best Harpists Female?

The harp is one of the most beautifully sounding instruments that has ever been made. It is not like any other instrument whatsoever, unlike brass or woodwind that can be gathered together under one banner, the harp tends to be in its own category. It is officially classed as a[…]

The Popular History of the Harp

The history of the harp dates back to that of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and along the way it has become a symbol of the gods and features on the emblems of many countries. Hardly any other instrument is as famous as the harp, and we look into why this[…]

How to plan a bachelorette party?

Before getting married and saying your vows to your beloved one, there is a non-written tradition to celebrate it for the last time being independent. For women, their girlfriends are the planners of this event.

Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

Nothing can come in-between two people who are in love and are ready to say their vows, however, the final cost of their wedding can come in as a little bit of a shock. In the United States the average cost of a wedding is about $30,000. It already seems[…]

How to Find the Ideal DJ For Your Wedding

Music is an integral part of a wedding celebration, especially the wedding reception. This is when friends and family come together to dance and celebrate the love of the newlyweds. It takes an excellent DJ to dish out the right music to suit the day, thrill your guests and keep[…]

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Runs Smoothly

It is your wedding day. The day you have dreamt of all your life. The day you get to marry the person of your dreams and start your life long adventure together. It’s the day you get to wear your perfect wedding gown or suit. Plan the most amazing party[…]

Great Wedding Photographers in Texas

Texas is one of the largest states in the United States, which means that there are numerous people getting married in the state every week! With that comes some of the best wedding vendors in the area. There are many great wedding photographers all throughout the state. We have compiled[…]

How A Harp Is Made

A harp is a simple yet beautiful instrument, it has a triangular frame and a series of strings that are all different lengths. This basic structure makes up this instrument that provides us with the lovely sounds that we so enjoy. The harp is played by plucking on those strings,[…]

Wedding Venues in Austin Texas

Wedding venues in Austin Texas are just awesome! There are so many beautiful buildings to choose from, from outdoor locations to classy hotel options and to the more unique styles that perhaps you didn’t even know you were looking for. Choosing a location for your big day can be a[…]

Best Wedding Planners in Texas

Texas, with its thriving and diverse culture, is home to some of the best wedding planners in America. Below is a list of great wedding planners in Texas whose services will help create memories of your big day that will last forever. Bella Luna Bridal & Occasions — Houston Bella[…]